Khan Altai

“Max Family” program

Under the “Max Family” initiative, “Max Group” provided housing advances ranging from 15-30 million MNT to its top 31 employees ahead of the Lunar New Year, totaling an investment of 715,000,000 MNT. This significant investment aimed to enhance their living standards and improve their well-being.

Implemented since 2001, the “Max Family” program operates within the framework of the “Human Resource Center” policy, emphasizing sustainable human resource development. Over the years, a total of 471 employees have benefitted from investments totaling 8.4 billion MNT in housing advances.

In addition to housing support, “Max Group” demonstrated further appreciation for its workforce by rewarding 21 outstanding employees with overseas travel opportunities, valued at over 90 million MNT. As part of this initiative, “Khan Altai Resources” LLC granted housing support to 4 employees and authorized foreign travel rights to 2 employees.

Recipients of housing support are:

B. Erdenetulga (Operation engineer)
P. Tsagaanbaatar (Crusher manager)
T. Orgilsaikhan (Senior Environmental Specialist)
B. Enhsaikhan (Senior Training Specialist)

Employees selected for experiential travel abroad are:

A. Tsetsegmaa (Senior expert of camp and infrastructure)
T. Enkhjargal (Planning Engineer)

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