Khan Altai

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Primary gold project based on the biggest gold deposit, located in Mongolia in Gobi-Altai province

MV-021537, the mining license issued, retains its validity until the year 2050, encompassing an extensive area of 6,793 hectares. This area contains a substantial estimated resource, amounting to 98.58 million tons of gold ore, within which an impressive 86.73 tonnes of gold were identified as of December 2021.

The project’s development strategy is characterized by a well-structured two-phase approach:

When evaluating the financial aspects of Phase I, the project demonstrates considerable promise. The total capital expenditure (CAPEX) for Phase I is estimated at $77 million. It’s essential to note that the financial viability of the project is reinforced by the Net Present Value (NPV), which is calculated at $117 million, indicating a positive return on investment. 

The anticipated sales revenue for Phase I is an impressive $749 million, with the EBIDTA expected to reach $364 million. These financial indicators underscore the robust economic prospects of the endeavor.


The MV-021537 mining license, resource estimates, and the structured two-phase development plan together paint a comprehensive picture of a promising mining project that not only secures economic opportunities but also represents a sound investment in the years to come.


Mining infrastructure

Power line

Connected to state grid with 35 kV power line


1 t fuel storage station which store up to 1 week fuel consumption of Phase I operation

LTE support

Connected to the cellular network with LTE support at the project site


290-man camp facilities that include SOS, office, gym, restaurant and living accommodations


Commissioned explosives and chemicals storage facilities and maintenance shop


Set up diesel generators with 3.7 MW generation capacity which can supply the electricity consumption of ADR processing plant

Location of Khan Altai Gold Mine: Situated in Yesonbulag sum, Gobi Altai province, it is positioned approximately 1,000 kilometers to the west of Ulaanbaatar city and about 95 kilometers southeast of Altai city.