Khan Altai

Secure bond financing for the advancement of the Khan Altai projectA cooperation agreement was signed to secure bond financing for the development of the Khan Altai project, which is being implemented by Max Group

Max Group and partner organizations have outlined their plan for investment in the Khan Altai project, a significant gold mining and production venture. Exploration began in 2019 in Gobi-Altai province, and mining commenced in 2022, with substantial economic and social impact in Western Mongolia anticipated. Khan Altai Resources Ltd. aimed to be a premier national mining company, completing construction in 2022.

The project holds a proven gold reserve of 85.4 tons, comprising 5.8% of the country’s total gold reserves. It plans to produce 1.56 tons of gold annually from 2022 to 2027, yielding at least 304 billion MNT in sales revenue. Mongolia’s gold exports could increase by 7.9% with this project.

The Khan Altai project is now available for domestic investors on the capital market. Three major Mongolian underwriters—Ard Securities, Golomt Capital, and Invescor Capital—collaborate to offer investment opportunities with low risk and reliable returns during these challenging economic times.

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