Khan Altai

History of Khan Altai

“Khan Altai Resources LLC” is wholeheartedly committed to advancing and revitalizing the mining industry in Mongolia’s remote western regions. Our primary focus lies in the exploration and responsible development of substantial gold deposits, contributing to the sustainable growth and prosperity of the region while adhering to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.


- Discovery Khan Altai Gold Deposit


- JORC technical review of the exploration conducted by SRK Consulting
- Completion of metallurgical test work at ALS Metallurgy Australia
- Registration of the resource calculation with MRPAM
- JORC resource estimation of 41.5 tonnes of gold (1.33 million ounces) by SRK Consulting
- Acquisition of mining license MV-021537


- Commencement of haul track construction
- Registration of the oxide ore resource with MRPAM
- Completion of 38,000 meters of drilling


- Update of the JORC reserve report
- Achievement of 40,000 meters of drilling
- Initiation of an "Environmental Impact Assessment"
- Commencement of construction for ADR plant, camp, and infrastructure sub-projects


- Completion of state commissioning for the ADR Plant
- Commencement of ore crushing and heap leaching process
- Commissioning of reagent storage
- Conducted flotation tests on primary ore


- Commenced Gold Production
- Continuing the construction of our Camp, SOS Office, Laboratory, and HME Truck Shop
- Advancing the development of Heap Leaching Pad cells 7 to 9
- Undertaking an extensive 50,000-meter drilling program as part of our exploration efforts to expand our resource base


- Installation of a stationary crusher with a capacity of 4 million tons
- Implementation of the flotation plant project
- Enhancement of mining capacity and crushing fleet
- Preparations and permits for the construction of a processing plant for primary ore

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